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The Secretarial role has changed significantly over the last 136 years since Christopher Sholes invented the typewriter, to become the truly remarkable career it has evolved into today. In 1873 physicians had to certify that a woman's physical and mental abilities were strong enough to withstand the pressure of the job.

Little did they know that this job would expand from typing to include record keeping, faxing, photocopying, computer skills, scheduling, clerical work, filing, coordinating meetings, conducting research and even preparing statistical records. It has grown so much that Office Management Skills are now becoming a necessity to aid in training employees and supervising clerical staff.

Who is SASPA?

Launched officially in February 2006, SASPA (South African Secretaries and PA's Association) provides support and assistance to Administrative Professionals in South Africa.

SASPA has promoted professional and personal growth by keeping our members up to date with all the changes that are taking place in the work environment. Our free membership is growing fast and we are currently just over 3000 members nationally.

Our Mission

SASPA aims to promote a career-orientated, more productive, more professional Secretary / PA or Administrative Assistant who offers a higher level of contribution to their organisations through professional and personal development. We encourage all our members to add to their individual competencies, realise their worth, advance their leadership skills and have the confidence to excel in their careers.


Join South Africa’s Secretaries and PA’s Association now by adding your details to our member database! Membership is FREE OF CHARGE! We send out a monthly newsletter to keep you posted of trends, events, tips and tools to support your growth and development as a Professional Administrator.