Personal Assistant

A Simple Thank You from Us to You

Admin Professionals' Day2019

It’s a sad truth that more often than not, administrative professionals aren’t given the recognition they truly deserve. There may even be times when you’re made to feel insignificant, unappreciated and undervalued. Sadly for some administrators, that might be an everyday occurrence.

BUT the truth is that administrative professionals, like you, have an inner superpower that many people are not aware of. Your ability to organise successful staff events, keep your boss on track with their own goals, make important bookings or get those proposals delivered on time is no small feat; especially since you do most of this on such short notice! You’re also extremely adaptable at performing various tasks that are wildly out of your job description, with no complaints or questions.

You take on more work than most and never do it with the intention of getting something out of it. Even though this is the case, it’s still always nice to be acknowledged and commended on all that you do, but how often does that actually happen?

You already know the many miracles you pull off on a daily basis and as hard as it is, you do it with such grace and dedication. So, we will say this for all those times your boss and your colleagues failed to say it or even didn’t realise the many miracles you pulled off:

Thank you.

Thank you for always delivering high-quality work. Thank you for being meticulous and paying attention to every detail, every typing error and every coffee order. Thank you for stepping in when you saw a colleague struggling, and stepping up whenever the need arose. Thank you for getting that submission in on time, even when it’s technically not your job to do so. Thank you for being the engine behind your organisation and often saving your boss’s bacon.

You are truly extraordinary and the real superhero of your organisation. Happy Administrative Professionals Day!